The people of Viet Nam are among the poorest in the world.The Government of Viet Nam has been striving to improve the conditionsof its peoples. It opened Vietnam to foreign investments in 1992. TheGovernment of Viet Nam has established close diplomatic relationships with the United States. Much progress has been made. The East Meets West Foundation established by Le Ly Hayslip in 1987 has played an important role in helping many of the poorest of the poor rebuild their lives.

Le Ly Hayslip witnessed the reality of the harsh conditions under which many people lived in her native land in 1986. She observed the conditions when she returned from America to Viet Nam for the first time since she had escaped wartime terror in 1970. Le Ly could not turnher back on those with the greatest need.

She established the East Meets West Foundation to help those who had no jobs, no medical care, and especially the children with noreasonable expectation of improving their lot without some outsidehelp. Le Ly also wanted to help heal the wounds of war between America and Viet Nam. She and the East Meets West Foundation are committed to the continual improvementof the living conditions of the poorest of the poor. She says "We relieve suffering through identification of the basic needs of the poor and the establishment of quality programs of self-development. While the Foundationprovides immediate help for those in need, the long term goal is to helpthe Viet Namese people become self sufficient.

We deeply appreciate those who have helped by contributing time and funding to the Foundation. None of this would be possible without the generous support of so many. Wesend our gratitude, our prayers and our thanks to each person who has provided time and resources that permits usto continue assisting those who have no where else to turn."

Vietnam, village of hope school

Since 1987, with your help, EMWF has established:

Village of Hope Displaced Childrens Center for orphaned children

Peace Village Medical Facility

Japanese and American Doctors have gone to this Facility in Viet Nam to care for those who could not have afforded treatment without the awesome generosity of these dedicated doctors

volunteer Japanese doctor in Vietnam

Mother's Love Clinic

10 Schools

Education scholarship programs for children

Educational training in Japan and America for Viet Namese Doctors and Health Care Professionals

Vocational Training Center for Children

The Build Compassion Houses programs for the homeless

house built for poor family in Vietnam

30 plus clean water projects in rural areas

revolving loan programs have helped up to 200 families

A Dental Program

More than 30 children have had heart operations

Major Relief Fund programs in the last 8 years and

The Establishment of 550 Nutrition Programs

Le Ly says, "We not only help the poor people in Viet Nam, but we also have created jobs formany people on both sides of the ocean. While healing the wounds of war the foundation has contributed to the economic development of the Quang Nam Province. Since 1988 the East Meets West Foundation has spent about $2,500,000 (USD) toward achieving its goals. EMWF has provided 30 tons of medicalsupplies and equipment to improve the living conditions of the peopleof Viet Nam. The Foundation has provided gifts for children, as well as direct help to the needy. Your contributions have provided decisive help to so many. And the need continues."

Le Ly Hayslip is the author of two best-selling books: When Heaven and Earth Changed Places and Child of War, Woman of Peace (Doubleday, 1989 and 1993). Both books were adapted into the movie "Heaven and Earth" directed by OliverStone, and was released by Warner Brothers in 1994. The profits from the Books and Movie have gone into the East Meets West Foundation. Le Ly Hayslip continuallytravels as a speaker and lecturer to many different universities in the US and around the world. Her slides and pictures enlighten her audiences as to the culture of Viet Nam and to the current needs of her people. As part of her fund raising activitiesshe takes groups of interested individuals to Viet Nam to see the work of the Foundation and she educates and enlightments her travelers about the culture, the war and the condtions that the Viet Namese people face today.

Le Ly was a child of Vietnam

jp publishing 1997

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Child of War, Woman of Peace, a true story from Vietnam CHILD OF WAR, WOMAN OF PEACE


When Heaven and Earth Changed Places, another true story from VietnamWHEN HEAVEN AND EARTH CHANGED PLACES


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